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Why choose Accounts Receivables & Revenue Cycle Consulting...?

Because we have the expertise to deliver; a track record of success and, we don't stop!


Over 25 years solid experience in claims billing, follow up, denials management and appeals as well as contract negotiations and a track record of success.


Experience  working for insurance companies, facilities and physicians and having worked on over 15 different billing systems.


Most importantly...I do not feel "pity, remorse or fear of or for any insurance company and absolutely will not stop...ever, until there is resolution of each and every claim."

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"Keep The Doors Open"

This company was started with one laser-focused goal; providers of medical services, be they Individual Practitioners, a Healthcare System, Clinic or Medical Center, are entitled to fair and just compensation for services rendered without undue delay or reduction in reimbursement."

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Denials Management


A/R Management


We specialize in assisting those providers, Health Systems, and Rural Health Clinics suffering from insurance Claims Denials, and/or High Days in A/R.

We can and will help you lower your days in A/R and fight vigorously to ensure full payment for services rendered, ensure accuracy of claims denials as well as payment delay.

Our Promise...

Professionalism, efficiency, integrity.

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Our Promise....

We operate with Professionalism, Efficiency, Integrity and WITH you to construct a plan to address your individual needs, ensure a return on your investment and satisfaction with our services.


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